MMOSA is for all creatives who want to control complex working processes with the aim of Open Source Software: Become creative the way you want!


In present times the use of different software for the development of creative and technical contents is essential for professional practice. Acquisition and update of the so-called proprietary Software constitute a relevant cost factor.

The world of Open Source Software is a perfect alternative to proprietary Software. Open Source stands for open source code and means software that everybody may study, change or copy. After about 25 years of development open source programs now make the software industry serious competition.

There is a wide range of high-quality and free open source software that can be used without restriction even for commercial purposes. It is by no means inferior programs, on the contrary the open source code allows a continuous development and improvement of the software itself.


Our architecture and design office WYDA can look back on a 20-year research on the use of Open Source Programs for the production of creative content ( . While research was initially begun from pure self purpose, in a short time there were clear strategic and economic benefits.

Today WYDA works at the planning stage almost independent of proprietary software. It is worth mentioning that a seamless transition between the individual planning steps has been reached.

Open Source Software has its fixed space in the development of all kinds of creative content produced by our Studio. As examples we mention the development of architectural projects from sketch to executive planning and the processing of design projects from concept to prototype.


From the desire to share our know-how on the use of Open Source Software in creative production processes, a training project has been created, that bears the name MMOSA Multimedia Open Source Academy.

MMOSA is addressed to students and professionals of all creative working areas such as architecture, design, art, graphics, multimedia, etc., who attract a strategic and economic benefit from the use of Open Source Software.

Actually we are developing two kinds of training, both with the possibility to learn single softwares and control complex workflows: the In-House Training in your local office, with the advantage of an individual and focused training, based on your specific needs, and a platform with Online Tutorials, the more flexible and self-determined kind of training.


In-House Training means a very individual and focused training, based on your specific needs.



A constant training is essential for professionals who wish to compete in a fast-changing business world. Training in the use of Open Source Software, with its continuous development and improvement, can give you an important edge over the competition.

Our In-House Training is addressed to students and professionals of all creative working areas such as architecture, design, art, graphics, multimedia, etc., who attract a strategic and economic benefit from the use of Open Source Software.

high-quality trainer will reach you at any location of choice, to deliver a customized training program for a single professional or a group. The group may consist of professionals who work together in teams, or who work in various company locations across the globe.

Our training programs are customized for the specific needs of each professional or group, so pricing will vary.


Training is fully-customized for any single professional or team;

Training format is flexible, so training may take place as a single session or multiple sessions delivered over the course of several months;

Training programs are typically delivered in one- and two-day formats, depending on the number of professionals, their work schedule and the training topic;

In-house training combines traditional presentation of material with hands-on practice, ensuring that professionals leave the training with skills they can apply immediately on the job and beyond;

Training is confidential, allowing teams to discuss and work on real issues;

In-house training encourages team building and better understanding of one another as the team will learn to “speak the same language” during the training.


With our Online Tutorials learning becomes flexible and self-determined.

Spot Tutorials

Spot Tutorials are useful for those who want a first approach with a single Open Source Software. These tutorials, that give a short overview on a software, have a very limited time and are completely for free.

Advanced Tutorials

The purpose of the Advanced Tutorials is to acquire a perfect know-how of a single Open Source Software. They are subject to charges that depend on length and type of the tutorial.

Project Tutorials

The Project Tutorials are for those who want to learn how to manage creative projects and workflows with the use of various Open Source Softwares. These tutorials are subject to charges that depend on length and type.


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Unseren zweiten Artikel für den Monatsbrief der VfA widmen wir dem Thema, wie Open Source Software im Bereich Produktdesign eingesetzt werden kann.


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